Thursday, March 15, 2018

Zero waste life: Quitting fast fashion in 2018?

Hey guys! I thought I'd write about a little challenge that I've decided to do this year - mostly to have it written down for myself and not forget about following it. It's not even necessarily a New Year's Resolution, but since I've unconciously followed it ever since the beginning of the year or even before, it might be nice to tie it down to something anyway. So here goes: I'm planning on being serious about quitting fast fashion this year!

There are obviousuy so many reasons why I want to do this, so to name a few

  • Fast fashion creates enormous amounts of clothing waste due to people not feeling bad about only wearing things a couple of times before throwing them out if they cost as little as they do.
  • Clothes from H&M and similar stores wear out SO fast, so even if it seems cheap, I feel like it's not worth it if you end up buying 5 pairs of cheap jeans instead of one decent pair (not figuring out what that long-lasting decent pair is, is another story...)
  • If your t-shirt travelled across the planet to you and still costs 5€, there is just no way that the person who made it got a fair salary for their work. 
  • Producing and washing new clothes all the time releases microplastics into our water. 
  • I want to reward myself with better investments that I will wear for a long time instead of buying impulse purchases.

Shifting to a sustainable lifestyle is all about baby steps. It's not realistic to quit fast fashion, meat, fossil fuel based energy, plastic and whatnot overnight, and, honestly, not actually necessary. Sometimes the more I get invested into this topic, the more helpless I feel. But it's important to keep in mind that it's about being concious and respectful, not making your life miserable by not allowing yourself anything.

The best part of this challenge is that I can make my own rules! First, I decided to allow myself to buy one new item per month. So maybe by the end of the year I can share the 12 things I decided to treat myself to. Second, I'm not putting a limit on second hand items. I've never been a successful thrift shop wolf, but I'm super motivated to treasure hunt now. That also gives my me some flexibility if I need more than one thing a month sometimes. We'll see. :)

A lot of people who do these kinds of challenges make an exception for socks and underwear. I have not yet decided on what to do in that regard... I recently remembered that there is an Estonian company that produces socks called SUVA. Their prices seem reasonable and I definitely like the idea of supporting anything that comes out of my home country. If I find any other options, I'll let you know!

The first step is obviously to make use of what I already have. Sometimes starting sustainable habits literally means doing nothing.

This picture is only kind of offtopic. This shirt is pretty much my only second hand item right now (aside from all the stuff that I've hijacked from my Mom's closet) and the carpet is what happens to old/broken/stained clothes in our family - my Grandma makes these funky colorful carpets out of them! These carpets are such a childhood thing for me, I remember having them all around the house and my Mom rotating them from the rooms to the kitchen (where they would get worn out) to the balcony. I always loved to see the new patterns that Grandma came up with and as a picky teenager I even gave in custom orders for a while, haha.