Sunday, December 3, 2017

US trip part three: in and around Portland, Oregon

The second half of our trip was mostly spent in Portland and it's surroundings in all directions. By that point, I apparently started forgetting about taking pictures, which is why I included some taken with my phone. To be honest, a lot of the time we were just hanging out with friends and family and not so much "sightseeing" anymore.

Portland was just awesome. The city is super liberal and has an open-minded feel to it (or as they say, hipster) and there is always something to do. We went to an arcade bar, ate donuts, saw a drag queen pageant show, shopped at Powell's, helped Matt's brother build haunted houses for the Halloween season, walked across the St. Johns Bridge at sunset (way scarier than it sounds because it's shaky and the pedestrian paths are narrow), checked out where Matt used to go to classes at PSU, ate some more donuts, hiked up Mount Tabor, went to Powell's again, had sushi for lunch every day, went cider tasting and so much more.

We also had another camping gone glamping trip in Government Camp. Instead of tents, we ended up staying in a 4-bedroom cabin with a terrace, fireplace, kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. Besides the two days of family derping in the cabin and checking out Oregons highest mountain Mount Hood up close, Matt's sister and her husband took us there from Portland via the scenic route through the Columbia river gorge. We climbed Beacon Rock and had a spontaneous wine tasting session in a small winery.

During our time in Scappoose, we took two trips to the coast. First, we drove to Astoria, which might as well be called small San Francisco. I mean, it's by the ocean, it's hilly, it has the sealions hanging out at the docks... We almost accidentally found a restaurant called Buoy that had a glass wall on the water side and a part of the floor made of glass with heat lamps under it so that the sealions were just chilling there - so cool! Besides that they had great beer and cider selections, some of it brewed by themselves. Second, we headed towards Cannon Beach and Seaside. Cannon Beach was obviously super cool because of the Haystack Rock whereas Seaside was way too touristy for my taste.

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