Monday, July 31, 2017

Prague & My first travel video

I've been thinking about challenging myself to make some travel videos for a long time, but never actually got around to doing it. Taking photos is so easy and safe (especially after finding out what a pain learning video editing can be!), but I've done that for years now and decided I needed to try out something new. So this time in Prague, I took maybe 3 iPhone pictures alltogether and spent the rest of the time filming instead. Having close to zero experience with filming or talking in front of a camera, I actually planned for this to be just a practice video. But heck, I worked so damn hard to sort this stuff out, so I'll share it anyway. Don't be too harsh on me, even though I'd love to hear what I could fix or do better next time!

In case if you missed it, HERE is my post about our first trip to Prague earlier this year. We ended up staying in a completely different area this time - Prague 7, just north across the river from the old town. It seemed like kind of a ghetto at first, but is actually a pretty cool alternative neighborhood and a perfect prace to get some breathing space in the evenings after having spent the day in the old town with about a million selfie stick tourists. We also found a really cool breakfast spot there - Phill's Corner. Super chill and cool, and above all, a total opposite from the old town's tourist traps. Another cool cafe to check out is Jedna, which is in the National Gallery building. It's such a cool functionalist building and it's amazing how they've managed to turn such a large and cold-looking space into something so cool and cosy.

Another good tip from this time is to get to the castle as early as possible. We got there around 9 and barely had to wait in the security line, whereas hordes of tourists were brought in by buses behind us. It was kind of scary actually... Since we were trying to make it to the castle as quickly as possible, we ended up having breakfast at the cafe inside the fortress. It's probably a no-brainer, but that was not the best experience. Bad service (the waitress went full Hermione and literally snapped at me like "it's a baguette, not a sandwich"), below average food for the price and aggressive tip-culture (10% was just added to the bill automatically and the waitress was very annoyed when I asked about it). The castle itself was cool, but absolutely packed and we could only move along the paths with the masses. Thus, if you're short on time, I'd say skip the inside of the castle, but check out the square in front of it, and most importantly the breathtaking view over the city from there.

So yea, I think between the two posts, photos and videos, I have spent quite a lot of energy on Prague here. I think next time, I'll try to go to Brno instead - I love student towns, and second biggest cities are often the best places to actually see a country. :)

PS. Can someone explain, where the best beer gardens by the river are in Prague?! Everyone keeps talking about them, but I didn't find anything very inviting-looking. Except for the one up in the Letna park, that one is a must.

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