Tuesday, July 11, 2017

On books and living abroad

As I mentioned in my post about my Estonia trip, I read "Minu California" by Ede Schank Tamkivi during the trip. Now I have "Minu Tšehhi" next to my pillow. This Minu-series is an Estonian collection of books about different countries, written by Estonian expats (or foreigners living as expats in Estonia, to be 100% correct), and they're some of the most famous books in the country. Before those two mentioned, I've previously read the ones about the US, Narva, Alaska, Moldova, Estonia, London, Albania and Germany. Probably more, I just can't remember anymore.

Every time I read those, I think about my own life that somehow turned from an innocent study abroad in a full on expat experience in Germany before I could say Steueridentifikationsnummer. I always wonder if I'd be able to tell about my experience like that and where I'd even start. A lot of these books are based on blogs and diaries that help you remember how you felt the first time you realized how ridiculous GEZ is or learned that a Fax machine really belongs to an office environment in the most developed country in Europe in 2017. In some ways I've become so German in such a short period of time (when I returned home from my two semesters in Germany my friends told me that I look like an exchange student because of my backpack...) and that makes me wonder if I should put more effort in recording events here.

So yea, we'll see how this attempt goes. At least I always post about my trips and I have quite a few coming up this year still, so there will be pictures for sure. In any case, back to books, I lately added this Goodreads widget to my blog (on the right, probably not visible on the mobile view) so add me there! Before moving to Berlin I had this romantic mental image of big city life where I'd be commuting to work every day and reading tons of books on the subway. Well in reality I'm squeezed between all the other office rats only for a few stops on the most popular S-Bahn line going through the city centre. Nevertheless I'm trying to find more time and motivation to read lately - I also got a Kindle from Santa (:P) last year, which has been super handy on this mission since it fits into my smallest bag even and my friends are always late, haha. Not to mention the horrible mobile data prices in Germany that force you to find some offline alternatives to pass waiting time.

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