Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall thoughts on lessons from Summer

Last night, after some serious struggles and thanks to my Mom who, for some reason, doesn't hang up on Skype calls that start off with "I kinda need your credit card info, please", I finally got my Photoshop/Lightroom subscription sorted out again after months. That led me to long forgotten photos from a little hiking trip we went on with some friends to check out the Lichtenstein castle that I kept seeing on Instagram all the time. Somehow, I hadn't still found a way to go there, most likely because it's kind of in the middle of nowhere (even though, for an Estonian, this does not exist in Germany) and takes forever to reach by train.

The hiking trail to and around the castle was pretty nice, but I have to admit, the castle itself was kind of a disappointment after seeing all those filtered fairy tale photos of it. It's way smaller than I had thought and not as jaw-dropping as, for example, Neuschwanstein or Hohenzollern, in real life. But for a person like me, who likes checking out anything I haven't seen before and walking in nature, it was still a fun day and place to visit. Even though I'm not really the homesick type, forests and nature is something I've realized I really miss about Estonia. Empty beaches and hiking trails in Southern Germany are as hard to find as mountains are in Estonia... so, I suppose, it's a fair deal, everything has a way of evening out.

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Fall arrived out of nowhere and I've found myself working hard and getting used to the new rhytm of life again. This past summer taught me a lot about the value of trusting my own gut feeling, taking risks and getting up again after every fall. I also got reminded of the obvious, like the fact that the least you should do is try. And then try something else. I started doing new things and met a bunch of interesting people on the way and never have I realized so clearly, how much there is to learn from every single human being. I'm not an open person enough, to share every detail of this journey, but these are some memories, values and lessons I want to keep with me for a long time.

And, since my dad would have turned 56 today, I will remember him by summing up this whole experience with something he always said: there's a very simple solution to every complicated problem somewhere.