Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Viru bog in Lahemaa National Park

Estonia's two most instagrammed nature destinations are probably Meenikunno and Viru swamps - one in the south, one up north. The first day of May was when we finally made it to the second one in Lahemaa National Park. If I thought Meenikunno was rather crowded for a hiking trail, Viru raba on the first warm and sunny sunday of the season, was three times worse. That kind of killed the silent swamp-mood, but I'd still recommend the place if you're looking for something along the north coast. But Meenikunno with its sunset hut remains my all time favorite hiking spot in Estonia. You can see/read about it from my previous posts here and here! In any case, swamps and cross-country skiing tracks remain the top places of you're looking for friendly Estonians!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Colorful views of Tallinn

Spring makes Estonia so pretty! I've always been on team Riga in the big competition of which of the Baltic capitals has a prettier old town (the competition is tough!), but an early Saturday morning walk through Tallinn on our way to the fluffiest, tastiest, biggest pancakes ever at Kompressor might have just changed my mind. :)

IMG_0972_1 v2ike
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