Sunday, March 6, 2016

Alatskivi at lake Peipsi

Since we're always out looking for new places to explore, Matt and I took a daytrip to lake Peipsi a little while ago. Peipsi is the huge lake between Estonia and Russia. Fun fact, I always love Matt's parents' reactions when they realize how close to the big bear we have been again. :D

I suppose the Peipsi area is cool to visit all year round, even though it's kind of a bummer that most touristic places close down for the cold season. Therefore our lunch ended up being an AjaO (tiny convenience store that every Estonian village has) car picnic. But Alatskivi castle definately looks like the perfect snow queen palace in the snow! 

IMG_0865_1 v2ike
IMG_0850_1 v2ike
IMG_0851_1 v2ike
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