Wednesday, August 26, 2015

juli /konstanz, freiburg, zürich, europapark

The last couple months have been such a huge rollercoaster (including actual rollercoasters) that I've completely forgotten to post anything on the blog.

July in Konstanz went by super fast. Time for wrapping up the semester, swimming in the Bodensee at least twice every day, saying goodbye to my dearest people over there and some last minute trips. First was a trip to Freiburg to see Marius and Saskia, sit an der Dreisam, eat super-German food and go to a super-German little festival. Next up was a daytrip to Zürich. Of all the places I've been these past months, my camera's memory card decided to stop working in a city where a new one would cost you half your soul. This, and general laziness, means that this will be another post full of phone pictures. Other than that, Zürich is definately one of those places that doesn't let you forget where you are, with the white cross waving strong at every corner. One day when I'm rich, I'll be enjoying visiting those sweet Western European capitals a lot more. After Zürich, Matt took me to Europapark for my first ever roller-coaster rides for Christmas, haha. We're a little behind here. I was definately not surprised to see the scariest rides in the Russian part, sponsored by Gazprom. The only one of those that I dared to try, left me a little shaky for at least 20 minutes.

I don't even know what to say. Konstanz, you are a dream. Can't wait to be back.

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