Sunday, July 26, 2015

ohrid and skopje, macedonia

What's the best part about Macedonia? It's the perfect base for discovering the Balkans. Our trip started and ended in Skopje, with a stop also in Ohrid.

Firstly, Ohrid by the lake... Ohrid. Being probably the most scenic city of the country, it was by far the most touristy stop on our route. Streets packed with random shiny clothing stores, a group of old Latvian ladies with their tour guides at every corner, and cafes putting up as many Coca-Cola sunshades as possible to keep anyone from actually getting an idea of the main street's architecture. I'm actually a little sad that we didn't have more time to invest in exploring this place, cause i'm sure the lakeside has a lot more to offer. Thankfully I managed to convince Matt to take a short walk with me to the Church of St John at Kaneo, at least. We got there right at sunset and it was absolutely beautiful! By the way, fun fact: Ohrid supposedly once had 365 churches, one for each day of the year, making it the "Jerusalem of the Balkans".

We arrived in Skopje super late at night and our always loyal Google Maps estimated our accommodation location wrong by about 5km. Macedonia treating us with a middle-of-the-night adventure again. But after an hour of wandering around, spending all the phone credit from Kyle's as well as my phone and making the administrator guy run through the whole city centre (according to him) we finally arrived at our apartment. Have to say, an aparment in the centre for 10 euros per person was a pretty sweet deal by our judgement. The same can be said about our glorious breakfast next to the Alexander the Great statue at the main square. And i have to give Skopje some credit for them seeming to have every single thing in the town centre under construction at the same time, pretty impressive. So that was our Macedonia. Oh yea, and then we managed to lose each other right before our flight. :D

Don't get me wrong, I still love crazy places more than anything.

IMG_9443_1 v2ike
IMG_9446_1 v2ike
IMG_9449_1 v2ike
IMG_9450_1 v2ike
IMG_9447_1 v2ike
IMG_9451_1 v2ike
IMG_9453_1 v2ike
IMG_9457_1 v2ike
IMG_9455_1 v2ike
IMG_9459_1 v2ike
IMG_9464_1 v2ike
IMG_9466_1 v2ike
IMG_9471_1 v2ikeIMG_9470_1 v2ike
IMG_9467_1 v2ike
IMG_9472_1 v2ike
IMG_9476_1 v2ike
IMG_9489_1 v2ike
IMG_9505_1 v2ike
IMG_9488_1 v2ike

And a little bit of Skopje too. Statues. Everywhere.

IMG_9510_1 v2ike
IMG_9511_1 v2ike
IMG_9513_1 v2ike
IMG_9514_1 v2ike
IMG_9523_1 v2ike

And well, what it really looked like. :D

IMG_9524_1 v2ike

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