Wednesday, June 3, 2015

hello june /konstanz

Hey there again. I can't believe it's June already! I'm not even trying to say that anything has been easy but things are slowly getting back to normal again. The past month has been full of fun things to keep me busy too. First we had Matt's friend Zach visiting us from the US. Together we travelled to Erik and Hanna's wedding in Hohen Neuffen castle, which was a lot of fun. I mean... there were three courses of dessert and an open bar?! :D The whole thing took place in the castle up on a hill and lasted literally all day. I also did what all my friends told me to do and caught the bouquet, which took Matt a couple of weeks to mentally recover from, haha. So happy and thankful to Erik and Hanna for the invite to a real wedding pretty much for the first time in my life!

This week our dear friend Bethany finally came back to Konstanz for two weeks. As usual, she is trying to turn me into an American a little bit. This time it was root beer floats which, sadly, neither me or the Ukrainians, who were also here for a day, didn't like that much. Other than that, my room is now filled with all sorts of America-themed souvenirs that she brought over.

School has been somewhat challenging too, even though I decided to take it easy this semester. Tomorrow I'm also starting my C2 German language course, which will definately be... something. In any case, I hope to have my I-dont't-know-what-I'm-doing case study presentation behind me by the time Mom comes over to see me. Very excited about showing her our cute little Konstanz.

Oh, and a ferris wheel was in town!

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2015-05-25 03.04.19 12015-05-22 08.37.24 1
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2015-05-16 12.11.04 12015-05-16 12.11.09 1
2015-05-30 11.04.44 12015-05-30 11.04.59 1
2015-06-02 04.10.34 1

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