Saturday, March 7, 2015

semester-end thoughts on erasmus

The past weeks have been about Konstanz-y things. February started off busy with studying for my three exams, two of which were real German things, oh my god. Thankfully, I managed to pass all of them and only have one 5000-word paper separating me from the end of the semester.

Reaching a sort of a milestone has caught me thinking about the whole experience too. My mom asked me the other day, whether I thought that I'm learning more here or back home. I said here. The organizational side of the studies is just a matter of different habits, I don't really wanna blame that. But taking classes in German was a challenge for me from the beginning and meant that I found myself googling for extra information way more often than I would when I was studying in Estonian or English. Secondly, I think that I've been in a motivating environment here. Yes, having studied among Erasmus students, the number one party animals in Europe, I can still say that. I guess the stereotypes are true, a lot of us come here to drink and travel, and I honestly don't think there's much wrong with that. But there's also this little group of people who, alongside with all the fun things, want to make the most of what the Uni has to offer, dream about coming back for their master's and really take things seriously. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I'm fully one of them (I wish... why didn't I read more during the semester), but this is still a really cool thing to have around you. :)

Other than studying, I have given spring a warm welcome with finally getting my own bike and moving into a new room with a sunny balcony on the top floor of the house. What do I get in return? A runny nose, of course. :)

IMG_8608_1 v2ike