Sunday, November 30, 2014


Yaaaay, christmas markets are finally here and I'm crazy excited! First things first, though. This thursday was for Thanksgiving, which I somehow ended up hosting, although it was my first time to celebrate it. From 1PM we started baking two turkeys to feed around 15 guests in the evening. As everyone was also asked to bring a dish, we ended up having loads of food from mashed potatoes, sweet potato dishes, stuffing, salads to all kinds of pies, cakes and other sweets! Three days later, there are still some leftovers that we haven't eaten yet. :D

Saturday was planned for Ulm. Tuuli, Matt and I got there a bit later than originally planned, but had a great day exploring the Weihnachtsmarkt, Ulmer Münster and Fishermen's quarter. The foggy weather made even the 2 degrees below Celsius feel unbearably cold and hid the Münster tower in a cloud. But here's a tip: if you ever feel cold, try climbing up the tallest church tower in the world! We could "only" go half-way up the tower which still meant walking up around 400 steps which took us right below the cloud. Before heading back home, we stopped by at IKEA and stocked up on christmas-season equipment like candles and blankets and tea cups and more candles. Ready for december now. :)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

november mood

The past weeks haven't taken me out of our rainy Konstanz, which is probably why I haven't been posting much lately. A couple of days ago the sun came out, though, so we decided to go for a little walk around the town with Matt and Gio and end the day with another delicious dinner cooked by Gio. Other than that the days are spent going to school, eating our traditionally glorious breakfasts and dinners, taking bike trips (note to self: don't ride on wet leaves with two people on one bike ever again), celebrating birthdays, drinking Glühwein and struggling with the never-ending German bureaucracy. So I guess it's been pretty quiet lately, but a lot is being planned for the upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and of course more and more birthdays! We'll see what happens.

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jasmins bday
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Sunday, November 2, 2014

two months in konstanz

Past two months have basically flown by. Konstanz has become home, school has started, weather is getting colder and days shorter. The long awaited feeling of christmas and winter is already sneaking around the corner and replacing afternoons by the river with glühwein and movie nights inside. As this week didn't include any extraordinary trips, I figured it would be a great time for me to share some pictures from recent times.

To keep this blog at least slightly informative, I can share some first impressions of school life here too. When back home, a course consists of both lectures and seminars, these two are completely separate things here. So far I have decided to take two seminar courses in English and two lecture courses in German, plus two language classes for my German, which is a lot more stuff in German that I was planning on doing. A lecture also includes a Tutorat, which is technically not compulsory, but takes place once a week or every two weeks and goes quickly over the lecture material and reading, plus answers all kinds of questions in smaller groups. So far, Kyle and I have visited one of those, where we pretty much wanted to cry because of the super fast (and by that I mean VERY fast) politics talk in German. Nevertheless, the feeling of actually understanding what was going on in there made us feel very almighty. Maybe it's too soon to tell yet, but the lecture-tutorat system seems to be pretty effective, and in any case, a nice change for me. Another thing that I really appreciate here is the fact that the professors don't expect the students to know everything already, which has been especially nice in my German political system class, where my previous knowledge is probably ten times lower than everyone else's who have done their Abitur in Germany or well... just are Germans.

But for now, happy pancake-sunday! :)

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