Sunday, October 5, 2014

one day, four countries

Against all intial expectations, I'm back from our little Liectehnstein-Bregenz road trip and still alive. It all started with Kyle having a friend over from Tübingen. After spending friday morning at the open day in our "home mosque" and afternoon exploring around Kreuzlingen, we were trying to figure out where to go on sunday. The first idea was to take a ferry to Bregenz, second one a train to Liechtenstein. But after checking the prices for those we realized that why not rent a car and do both? So there we were: one Estonian, three Americans and four countries all in one day.

So we got up early on sunday morning to go get our car. First of all, we once again learned about the deutsche Pünktlichkeit the hard way as they charged us 15€ for being there 20 minutes early. We were supposed to get a Volkswagen, but as an "or similar" option they gave us a Citroen. Definately the first time ever that I see Germans accepting French cars as equals. Anyway, it took us there and Kyle as the driver seemed to be loving it, so all is good. 

Liechtenstein was SO BEAUTIFUL, i can't even describe it! And the way there through Switzerland as well. Vaduz, the capital, is really small, though. We had our little picnic in the middle of the town, visited the Postmuseum and some art thingy, walked around a sunday fair, had coffee and took a ton of pictures up in Triesenberg in just a few hours. After that we drove to Bregenz in Austria and walked around there for a while before heading back home through Switzerland to Konstanz. 

Anyway, I hope the pictures say more than I could. :)

IMG_7309_1 v2ike
IMG_7315_1 v2ike
IMG_7421_1 v2ike
IMG_7366_1 v2ike
IMG_7362_1 v2ike
IMG_7324_1 v2ike
IMG_7350_1 v2ike
IMG_7369_1 v2ike
IMG_7402_1 v2ike
IMG_7380_1 v2ike
IMG_7374_1 v2ike
IMG_7407_1 v2ike
IMG_7394_1 v2ike
IMG_7418_1 v2ike
IMG_7427_1 v2ike
IMG_7461_1 v2ike
IMG_7460_1 v2ike

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