Sunday, October 26, 2014

arenenberg and tübingen

Good morning! Cold weather and rain have finally made it to Germany, but this hasn't stopped us from anything. After my first ever (except for a ton of language classes) lecture in German, Matt and I decided to ride our bikes across the border and check out the Arenenberg castle, where Napoleon III grew up. On the way there we stopped in Ermatingen and hung out with some Swiss goats. Tiny Swiss villages are my favourite. The castle itself was smaller than we expected, but the surrounding and the view from the hill (oh yes, the bike ride there was killing) were amazing!

IMG_7676_1 v2ike
IMG_7664_1 v2ike
IMG_7658_1 v2ike
IMG_7660_1 v2ike
IMG_7669_1 v2ike
IMG_7688_1 v2ike
IMG_7682_1 v2ike
IMG_7670_1 v2ike
IMG_7686_1 v2ike

Saturday was for a 6am wake-up and Tübingen as I joined the Americans for a daytrip there. While Jason and Matt were attending their thingy, I finally took the time to actually get to know the town a little bit better. So yes, the Stiftskirche, small streets of the old town, the Hohentübingen castle, parts of the University, people-watching on the church steps, riverside walks and eventually a Neckarmüller to finish the day. :)

IMG_7722_1 v2ike
IMG_7717_1 v2ike
IMG_7714_1 v2ike
IMG_7713_1 v2ike
IMG_7721_1 v2ike
IMG_7706_1 v2ike
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IMG_7729_1 v2ike

Monday, October 20, 2014


Here I am with some pictures from another new place. Before finally starting school this week, we decided to go on another little roadtrip. Our first destination this time was the Ramstein Air Base to visit Bethany's cousin who took us in to the base for Taco Bell, Cinnabon and huge military planes. If we don't count the fact that I'm hanging out with Americans 99% of the time, visiting this mini-US was the most American experience for me. On the second day, after changing our Opel for a Volkswagen early in the morning, we drove another five hours to Salzburg. The closer we got to Austria, the more beautiful the scenery got. Salzburg greeted us with wind and rain on both days, but still made it to my list of most beautiful cities I've visited. Our sightseeing was somewhat spontaneous and so at some point Matt and I found ourselves playing dumb Americans in a ridiculously fancy hotel. It didn't help us one bit, but was still worth the try. :D

So, enjoy some pictures from Austria and let's all hope that my first ever classes in Germany won't scare me back to Estonia. Our three week holiday is over but this only means one thing: everybody is back to Konstanz with stories to tell and Sundays are all about seeing how many people and how many pancakes can fit in a Seerhein kitchen!

IMG_7533_1 v2ike
IMG_7553_1 v2ikeIMG_7632_1 v2ike
IMG_7556_1 v2ike
IMG_7562_1 v2ike
IMG_7564_1 v2ike
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IMG_7635_1 v2ike
IMG_7599_1 v2ike
IMG_7645_1 v2ike

Friday, October 10, 2014


For more than a month now, all my days have been filled with awesome people. So yesterday I thought it's time for a little solo-adventure and decided to spend a day in Stuttgart on my own. After all the bad luck with the trains in the morning, including being kicked out of one in Tuttlingen, I finally arrived to Stuttgart again after 15 years. The city greeted me with weather that Estonians would call mid-summer. I met up with some family friends, who are the sweetest old German couple ever. We ate some Maultaschen on a sunny summer terrace, walked around in the old castle and Stiftskirche and I had probably the most grandparents-like experience I will ever have while I'm here. Later in the evening I managed to make a quick round for photos too but quickly replaced the camera in my hand with an ice cream, sorry. :):)

IMG_7514_1 v2ike
IMG_7500_1 v2ike
IMG_7474_1 v2ike
IMG_7507_1 v2ike
IMG_7486_1 v2ike

Sunday, October 5, 2014

one day, four countries

Against all intial expectations, I'm back from our little Liectehnstein-Bregenz road trip and still alive. It all started with Kyle having a friend over from Tübingen. After spending friday morning at the open day in our "home mosque" and afternoon exploring around Kreuzlingen, we were trying to figure out where to go on sunday. The first idea was to take a ferry to Bregenz, second one a train to Liechtenstein. But after checking the prices for those we realized that why not rent a car and do both? So there we were: one Estonian, three Americans and four countries all in one day.

So we got up early on sunday morning to go get our car. First of all, we once again learned about the deutsche Pünktlichkeit the hard way as they charged us 15€ for being there 20 minutes early. We were supposed to get a Volkswagen, but as an "or similar" option they gave us a Citroen. Definately the first time ever that I see Germans accepting French cars as equals. Anyway, it took us there and Kyle as the driver seemed to be loving it, so all is good. 

Liechtenstein was SO BEAUTIFUL, i can't even describe it! And the way there through Switzerland as well. Vaduz, the capital, is really small, though. We had our little picnic in the middle of the town, visited the Postmuseum and some art thingy, walked around a sunday fair, had coffee and took a ton of pictures up in Triesenberg in just a few hours. After that we drove to Bregenz in Austria and walked around there for a while before heading back home through Switzerland to Konstanz. 

Anyway, I hope the pictures say more than I could. :)

IMG_7309_1 v2ike
IMG_7315_1 v2ike
IMG_7421_1 v2ike
IMG_7366_1 v2ike
IMG_7362_1 v2ike
IMG_7324_1 v2ike
IMG_7350_1 v2ike
IMG_7369_1 v2ike
IMG_7402_1 v2ike
IMG_7380_1 v2ike
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IMG_7407_1 v2ike
IMG_7394_1 v2ike
IMG_7418_1 v2ike
IMG_7427_1 v2ike
IMG_7461_1 v2ike
IMG_7460_1 v2ike