Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beuron & Donautal

Our longest-ever-planned adventure to the Schwäbische Alb, where I once hiked with my parents as a 5-year-old. January and the +3C weather definately isn't the high time for this location, which is why we barely saw any other hikers. Our poor planning and sleepy morning resulted in only having a bottle of Schorle on us and no food so after a while we decided to turn into a village called Irndorf in hope that every German village has a Stüble somewhere. After a while of walking through the dead-silent village, we met a lady. That's when I realized how deep into the Black Forest we were, cause even Matt had points of just smiling and nodding to her dialect. :D What we learned was that however dead a village is, even if there is no Stüble, there is always a Sparkasse. Money doesn't feed, so after checking out the Eichfelsen viewpoint, spraining my ankle running down an icy hill and limping another few kilometres after that we were back in Beuron where we started off. Thankfully a Stüble had opened up and we could finally have some Geschnetzeltes mit Späzle (that was served with a bit of sweet whipped cream with a tomato on it???) in the middle of a huge porcelan tea set collection (???) to the sound of a village man's really loud dialect. Good times. :D

IMG_0694_1 v2ike
IMG_0702_1 v2ike

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