Wednesday, September 10, 2014

summer is back

Hey there again. I can't believe it's only been a little over a week since I got here. So I guess I can say that I've settled in quite well. I've already found some awesome new friends, heard way too many politically incorrect jokes and had great nights out in the pubs of Konstanz. As the weather in the last days has been better than on any of the days I spent in Estonia this year, we've been trying to take the most of that too by mostly hanging out by the river with friends and german beer. :D On monday we rented a small motorboat a and spent 1,5 hours on the Bodensee which has been the best decision so far. I also went on an actual guided city tour on the weekend and visited Meersburg as well, meaning that you can finally see some photos of my new hometown.

Anyway, it's not actually all about beer and sunshine, believe it or not. We have 2x1,5 hours of German classes every day. There are some stuff that I'm not too satisfied with about the couse, but in general it's been improving my German pretty well. Especially when the teacher hits us with a really complex grammar structure at 9AM and asks what grammar that is. Umm.... deutsch? Besides that we also have some bureaucracy and introductory stuff to deal with almost every day.

What else.. the dorm? I live across the river from the old town, which I think is pretty good as it's not too far from the centre but not too far from the university (whose idea was it to build the uni on a hill, though?) either. There are four single rooms in every apartment, but so far I'm still alone in mine. The rooms are plain white from walls to furniture to bed sheets, which is driving everyone a bit crazy. However after visiting a party at Europahaus last week we agreed on never complaining about our place again. :D

Speaking of Europahaus, can anyone please tell why there are so many huge spiders in this town, though? Other than that, Konstanz really is amazing. Yesterday evening I also went for a run for the first time here and took a route by the lake, which was just indescribably beautiful. The situation could as well be described that during the week I live in Germany, while on weekends in Switzerland as all the Swiss people come here to buy cheap stuff so it gets quite crazy in here.

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