Wednesday, September 3, 2014

first impressions aka the struggles of moving to germany

Hello from Germany. After posting some rare not-very-informative posts recently I am back to writing everyday stuff here. Because apparently that's what exchange students do. After a very stressful/adventurous trip which included incidents such as kicking down doors, I arrived in Zürich on the first of September. The plan is to hang around on the border of Germany and Switzerland for some time now, so we'll see what happens.

When I got off my plane in Zürich, I somehow managed to get myself and all my luggage on the right train and sat down on the first free seat I saw. Next to me was a guy around my age so we started talking about stuff. I found out that he is also going to Konstanz for an Erasmus and etc. So after some talking...
"Where are you from?"
"Noh, siis me võime ju eesti keeles ka rääkida..." 

So the first person I met in Switzerland was Estonian, what are the odds. :D

The first couple of days have been a lot about finding all the necessary things. So let me tell you about THE struggle of living in Germany. While back in Estonia we get unlimited mobile internet for maximum 10 euros I guess, there is no such thing in Germany. Basically the normal limit per month is 250MB for around 10 or 15 euros. There is no unlimited option, however, they told us that you can get 10GB per month for around 100 euros. Alright then. :D Anyway, I ended up with some pre-paid card called Congstar, which has been so far so good. Also bank cards are not accepted in a lot of places or for really small purchases. So being used to pay by card for even an ice cream, that is kind of confusing for me. Swiss franks look pretty cool, though! Just apparently the last time I was in Germany was before I started to live in the world of smartphones and bank cards.

Today was the actual first day of school for us who are taking the GO-Konstanz course before the semester starts. So I saw the university for the first time and I gotta say that the campus is huuuge. We got lost pretty much every time we had to go somewhere. It was founded in 1966, so the building looks kind of like that. I would say industrial and kindergarden-like. :D Anyway, there are some pretty cool views on the Bodensee and as beautiful views are my thing, I'm not complaining. We also took a german language test for group placements, which was pretty OK in my opinion. The rest of the day was just filling out all kinds of bureaucracy and purchasing public transport cards, cafeteria cards and etc.

So yeah, that's it so far. There's quite a lot going on, so I'll just try to pick out parts that would be interesting to read. I haven't really had the time to go around with my camera, so here's a fantastic picture taken with my phone just to illustrate all that a little bit. :D


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