Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So here I am, a year older and a year wiser again. The birthday celebration began already at midnight when my friends came to my room singing and brought me a "secret brownie". Soon after that I had a pretty interesting experience when a Russian guy climbed up my balcony (I live on the ground floor) and wanted me to give him a kiss. So after I had politely refused the generous offer (read: "fuck off"), he changed his claims to "a kiss or a beer". Oh, and did I mention that the guy actually pulled me from my hair after I had said no? Anyway, I bitchslapped him, gave my beer and smashed the window to his face. :D Other than that, my birthday was super nice! We started the morning all together with a brownie-breakfast, went to see the Erasmus volleyball cup, later had dinner at a Thai place and ended the day with a couple of drinks by the Rhein with Gio.

On sunday we had a big pancake breakfast. As like half of us are Americans, we ended up having four cans of peanut butter. :D After that we took the ferry to Meersburg for the Weinfest. My plan was just to go there and enjoy the sunny weather. But as I had to buy a glass from the entrance anyway I still ended up drinking a fair share of that amazing Meersburg wine. Basically the system is that as a ticket you buy a glass and then fill it inside by buying wine by one glasses or whole bottles. Definately a fun way to spend a sunday!

In general, life is still good. Some people still think I'm from Iceland (Estland-Island, what's the difference really) and every once in a while I still get responses like: "Oo, Estland! Riga ist wirklich eine sehr schöne Stadt!" :D


No wrinkles yet, I hope?

PS. I think I'm Apfelschorle-addicted.

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