Friday, July 18, 2014

postcards from azerbaijan

I guess it's a little bit harder for me to come up with some simple conclusion of my expressions from yet another new country this time. Azerbaijan was my first Caucasus country, my first muslim country and overall the most "different" place i have ever been, but yet a place I have felt familiar with for some time already. Nevertheless, the eleven days there were full of surprises as well as strange, funny and sweet moments and of course amazing people. 

I somehow survived the heat without turning into a kebab myself. I learned to live according to the Azerbaijani conception of time, where "a twenty minute break" means at least one hour and "in a few minutes" is a sign that nothing will happen during the next three hours. I was "blonde" for the first time of my life. I learned to say six different things in Azerbaijani language. I became a hand-washing maniac. I was told that I am a kid and shouldn't smoke shisha, by a little beggar girl. I was scared to death on a bus racing on cliff edges in the mountains. I tried my best to understand and follow the rules of this society which were completely strange for me. I saw the shiny centre as well as the not-so-shiny suburbs of Baku. I was the only girl in the bar. I spent an evening with three cousins and learned how much closer Azeri families are than ours. I met a stranger who gave us 20 manats and told us to be happy. And we proved that anything is possible. 

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